My 13-year old niece Karina arrived in Florida from Eugene, Oregon this weekend for a week at science camp. She’ll spend an intense week conducting experiments, touring sites like Sea World and the Kennedy Space Center, and learning about science and technology with other top students. Below is a picture of her getting ready for the bus ride to the Portland airport.

It cost thousands for Karina to be able to go. She raised much of that herself by saving her allowance, holding bake sales, getting matching funds for good grades, etc. I pitched in with a Facebook fundraising campaign — Send Katrina to Science Camp! (seen above right on this blog) — that brought in a fair amount.

I want to thank the dozens of friends, relatives, and readers of this blog who contributed. We succeeded! Karina and her fellow students who are in Florida this coming week may be the future of American success in science and technology.

Karina called me just before beginning her journey, and I swelled with pride for her. Karina’s Mom — my Wonder-Sister Krista — penned this poem that expresses it better than I ever could:

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